international relocation service

Galaxy-Movers is a professional international removals company providing quick, weekly services direct from Pakistan to a scale of targets worldwide. Our unstoppable palletised shipping gives the best safety for your goods during transit. For a quick, safe and reliable overseas removals service.

The moving experts at Galaxy-Movers are here to back you with your international travel, making a big procedure less daunting and tough. We support people with international travel on a regular basis, so we have developed the procedure from door to door.

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International relocation service

From door of origin to door of destination, we care about packing, loading, storing, and unloading your material. International business tycoons are the door to success at global levels. International relocation is a source of the utilization of resources from other countries also. That led to the circulation of economic wealth around all the hands of the population. This increases the opportunity for newly formed businesses to get diversified. In this order, the international relocation service is playing a vital role in expanding this viable opportunity by its active and reliable services. By using international relocation service you are more compatible to get advantage by its versatile services that crossed the borders also. Here at Galaxy Movers, we are offering reliable packer and movers services. International relocation services serve at international levels and help to relocate your setup from one country to another.

International relocation

International relocation services are offering safe, reliable, and secure passage to you along with your luggage across any part of the globe. You can take flight under the supervision of our team members and can get benefit from our reliable services as it took all the headache of your safe flight. As well as your materials are also in safe hands once you hand over up to our international relocation services. International relocation services are not confined to passenger’s flights but it also helps to relocate your home relocation, office relocation, even lone material relocation from one country to another country.

Our international relocation expenses are flexible according to the requirement of customers: International relocation is expensive to the extent as compared to domestic relocation. But our services are so flexible according to your requirement and shows a decent economic charge for international relocation.

International relocation allows transportation of following material across the world.
  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Glass items
  • Mobiles and laptops
  • Cars and motorbikes
  • Perishable ad nonperishable foods

International cargo

International cargo is comprised of different modes of transportation according to the requirement of material of transportation. Such as sometimes heavy material requires air or sea cargo services. They can load these materials under the supervision of our international cargo providers and transfer them according to your desired destination within the prescribed time demanded by customers. We made all possible facilities available to our customers so they can get benefitted from our international cargo services.

Our International cargo services comprise of following modes of transportation
  • Air cargo services
  • Sea cargo services
  • Road cargo services
  • Railways cargo services

Our air cargo services are efficient in their performance although it is comparatively expensive but consumes less period to deliver the material. On the other hand, sea cargo services are reliable and less expensive. Contrarily it consumes more time. All the weather fluctuation during sea cargo services are also under consideration of international cargo.

Legal assurances are also our responsibility

All the custom clearance, transporting cargo, legal assurance are keen responsibility of our international cargo services. Customs clearance at the port is a major issue that needs to be addressed wisely so the interruption in international relocation services can be reduced. All the risks associated with importing and exporting are cleared by our international cargo services.

Door to door cargos are also available

A long trade of cargo from one door is carried out by local trucks and loaded to the air or sea cargo according to requirement after clearing all the custom taxes and securities by our international relocation services. Once it gets loaded it is our responsibility of its safe drive through the flight. After unloading the material at the ports, again local trucks and cargos are used to deliver to the destined door. By relying on our international cargo services, you can set back on your chair, holding a cup of tea just to wait for your material at your desired destination by passing by all these procedures under our international cargo supervision.

Order coverage within defined time is our responsibility

As long distances are hectic while transporting material for international relocation. But our international cargo services have made it easy to move your material to the long run with full fledge security availability. So it is the best service for our international cargo that we don’t offend our customers by a time limit.

Freight forwarding service

Our freight forwarding services are so reliable and economical that can ensure safe and secure transportation of your material. Freight forwarding services render a huge range and scope to your business. As it renders international access to your products. In the late ’20s, it was a challenge to establish your business at a new place in the world because of a shortage of resources and guidance. But nowadays our freight forwarding services have made it possible to relocate your business from one place to another place securely.

Stock storage is also under eye of our services to look after

Stock storage is also a crucial challenge for international relocation. As perishable food requires a specific sort of environment for safe storage. So our freight forwarding monitors take care of all these situations and use suitable temperature, humidity, moist and dry environment according to nature of food.


By concluding the discussion of international relocation services, we can sum up that international relocation services provide access to other countries to keep your business maintained. And all the procedure of delivering material to other counties is also keen responsibility of our international relocation services.

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